Hello, Aloha, and Hafa Adai!

I want to extend to you a personal invitation to participate in the newsletter of the "2-F-23" Marines of World War II, begun with the Marines themselves, and joined by family, and friends like you. These are the emails that the veterans and I have been sharing over the years, and which continue as I send out occasional stories of the Marines, their actions, latest findings, updates on the forthcoming book, and interesting notes on related subjects, all as they occur.

If you're a Marine, then you're no doubt turning a quizzical eye to that "2-F-23", wondering why it's written incorrectly instead of F-2-23. Well, that's History for you. It's the way they did it during World War II and prior to the war. That's the way the Marines of Fox Company knew themselves then and later. Thus, we carry it on. It's historically inaccurate to do otherwise. 

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Steven McCloud
2-F-23 Marines
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